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Exploring the Ultimate Desktop Design

As a person who makes a rather intensive use of desktops and different desktop environments, I’ve found myself not once contemplating about what is the most effective design for the big screen which also doesn’t subtract from its eye-candy? Now that Microsoft has announced their convergence plans, it’s became very clear that each device should


Chrome OS Silently But Steadily Keeps Getting Better

It’s been quite some time since I visited the Chrome / Chromium OS project by Google and although it has been real quiet lately, it does seem to have become more polished nonetheless. Google Chrome OS is a Linux based, Internet oriented operating system developed by Google Inc. Chrome OS brings the user a familiar interface

Linux Distrohoppers

Linux Distrohoppers Last Stop

Distro-hopping can be fun and enriching at the same time, however, there comes a time when a Linux distrohopper feels like settling down, on which distro will he/she most likely be doing that?